Monday, June 4, 2012

If You Haven't Read This Yet...

The most recent issue of the Guild News quarterly newsletter included an essay by Dave Malouf titled Design Education of the Future.  Being a college educated designer myself, I have to say that I personally endorse the opinions and observations presented by Malouf and consider this essay a necessary direction for our industry: encouraging unity among designers of all disciplines and productive collaboration with each other, educating people inside and outside of the design industry and universally forging a progressive advocacy of our profession.  I must also add that my personal higher education experience materialized many of the ideas and environments proposed in this essay and, in addition, while formally completed in 2007 (Go Peacocks!), my educational program prepared me for a lifetime of continuing education and development as a professional.  In this spirit I am currently reading the Design Education Manifesto in it's entirety, including the pages that are in other languages where I may not understand what the words say, but can still appreciate the design of said pages.   

Design Education of the Future is just one of many essays in the Icograda Design Education Manifesto 2011, which can be downloaded in PDF format at the Icograda Website.         

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