Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Art of the Economic Draftsman: Light Box

The wallet-centric light box (electricity not included)
Behold...the ingeniously crafted (low cost) light box for illustrators seeking to draft their images to perfection: 

Base made of sturdy cardboard (empty twelve pack of beer bottles) weighted with simple butcher tray and paint roller combination.  Portable work lamp (seven to eight dollars at the local hardware store including light bulbs) clips on easily allowing customization of light directional preference.  Utilize transparent flat surface as a lap desk for the proper allowance of light to pass through drawing surface, original drawing and new draft paper surface.  Develop thumbnails, create multiple compositions and refine drawings to produce stunning visual solutions!  

     1.  If using for period of time lasting longer than 4-6 minutes, be cautious NOT to touch any metal surface of the portable work lamp, whether accidentally or intentionally, including actual light source (i.e. light bulb), as said surfaces tend to reach extreme temperatures while in service and immediate moments after power is off.
     2.  DO NOT look directly into light source (i.e. light bulb) while operating portable work lamp.  Failing to do so may result in temporary blindness, spotty vision, and possible irreversible retinal damage thus leading to deterioration of an illustrator's most vital resources.
     3.  NEVER use this product to copy, trace or plagiarize the work of another artist or photographer because plagiarism is both illegal and unethical. Dishonorable violators will be punished to the full applicable extent of the law.   

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