Sunday, September 23, 2012

A brief note on political signage.

Now that the political season is in full swing, suburban America is being invaded everywhere you look.  Front lawns, public street corners, sporadic patches along the interstate, mailboxes and televisions are all being bombarded with political signage, pamphlets and smear campaigns.  Mayoral, gubernatorial, presidential, congressional and even propositional hopefuls are all vying for every last spot of good ol' fashioned public domain to advertise their positions to the open forum deliberation of the American electorate (i.e: registered voters).
That being said, I usually don't pay much attention to these advertisements, preferring instead to put in the time to research my candidates and propositions on the ballot, thus making an informed and responsible decision (I tend to take my inalienable rights seriously).  However, the amount of political signage I have seen in the general vicinity of my house is quite alarming this year and a thought crossed my mind when driving down the street the other day...If there is supersaturation of visuals in a given field of vision election year after election year, why not go wild and preemptively design a promotion that really stands out.  Something to get our attention; to generate some interest and conversation among us voters, at least enough to suggest more than a passive once-over of the voter pamphlet that comes in the mail.  Make me excited (more than I am already) to pick a side on these issues or back a candidate or just vote period (and please don't make the print so small that I almost rear-end the car in front of me trying to read it).                             

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