Monday, March 12, 2012

The Diminishing Craft of Book Making (deprivation of the e-book)

Here are some old-school illustrations, complete with pop-up flaps published almost 100 years ago.  Intriguing as well as engaging to the viewer, not to mention standing the test of time pretty handily:

Note the condition of the book binding (poor), while the illustrations are nearly mint condition.

Excellent production quality ensuring the fastening stays secure indefinitely.
All things interactive...

Credit where credit is due. (© 1916 E.J. Stanley)
I couldn't believe the quality of these illustrations that were printed almost a century ago.  Keep in mind, this was a medical reference book containing twenty volumes combined into one enormous book, and by evaluation of the broken binding on the spine, this one evidently had been employed quite a bit in its day.  The condition of the color alone is enough to make one realize that the printed word and image is something that lasts at least one lifetime.  

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