Monday, January 9, 2012

A little help with that resolution?

With the new year well under way, we are quickly approaching the season of quitting on those promises we made ourselves just one week ago.  Crash diets are literally crashing, TV timeouts are coming back from commercial, and sweet teeth are back on the scene with a vengeance.  If you are having trouble staying true to your personal pledges, I've got nothing for you...However, if more figure drawing was part of your resolution, I can suggest visiting  Here you will find copious amounts of professional quality photos of scores of models guessed it...artsy poses.  Also included are some video tutorials and handy links for constructing the human form.  Overall, it seems like a fairly new site (that I hope keeps growing) and a useful tool for those times when you can't make it to a live figure drawing session.

For those of you who chose to go on a month long strict diet of kale chips and water...good luck, I hope it's working out for you.      

1 comment:

  1. I seriously thought this post was going to be about pixel density. :-)

    But now I'm inspired to start drawing again!